Thrissur - Athirapally Sightseeing Tour

Thrissur - Athirapally Sightseeing Tour - 2D / 1N 

Day 01 :- Reception @  at Thrissur  Railway Station / Cochin Airport, Move To Guruvayur, Check in Hotel Mangla Towers , relax

2 pm - Visit to Sakthan Thampuran Palace, Archeological musem , Zoo, ThrissurTown Hall,Bible Tower ,VIlengankunnu,Bhuvaneswari  Navagraha  Temple,Paramekkavu Bhagavathi Temple,Vadakkumnathan Temple,etc & Shopping,o/n @ Mangla Towers

Day 02 :- Move to Athirapally

Evening Drop@ Thrissur Railway/ Bus station 

Transportation by Ac Indica

Thrissur Tourist Destinations
Vilangeen kunnu
Vilangan kunnu is a beautiful Hillock, 
a popular picnic spot and recreation 
centre. vilangenkunnu gives a panoramic 
view of the city from the top. a specially 
designed park with amusement rides to 
entertain children.
Sree Bhuvaneswari  Navagraha  temple
Bhuvaneswari Temple 
Bhuvaneswari Navagraha temple,The
peculiarity of rare temple is that all the
nine planets are installed in one row.
Sakthen Thampuran Palace
Sakthen Thampuran Palace 
really narrates the histoty of Trichur 
(Thrissur), it is one of the cultural, 
architectural and historical important 
palace of he erstwhile Maharaja of 
Cochin, now converted into a 
heritage Museum. 10 am to 5 pm except Tuesday
Archeological musem Archaeological Museum 
situated within the state museum 
complex of Trichur on the town hall 
road, It exibits murals and relics from
different parts of Kerala 10 am to 5 pm
-closed on Monday and national holidays
Bible tower
Bible tower 
is the bell tower of Puthenpalli or 
Basicilica of Our Lady of Dollorus 
Thrissur. It is the largest church tower
 in Asia and is decorated with wood
 and Brass carvings , oil paintings,
stained glasses, canvas and terracottapaintings, & Murals.
Kerala Lalithakala Academy
Lalithakala Academy 
for FineArts is an autonomus body which 
promotes ART and ARTISTIC Heritage.
It promotes Culture, paintings, plastic and
 Visual Arts. 10 AM TO 5 PM

Over forty elephants are groomed at the 
Punnathoor Kotta ( kotta means fort). 
Many elephants are brought as ritual 
offering to the temple. You can spend 
a whole day with these huge mammals 
here. Watching the naughty baby elephants
guruvayoor templeSri Krishna Temple 
Guruvayur Sri Krshna Temple 
is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord 
Krshna, located in the town of Guruvayur 
in Kerala, India. It is one of the most 
important places of worship for Hindus
peechi damPeechi Dam 
Peechi Dam, 23 km from Thrissur 
is the main irrigation project of 
the city, What started as an irrigation 
project has now bur-geoned into a 
popular picnicspot ,which offers boating 
facilities at the reservoir.
athirapally-waterfalls-aerial-viewAthirappily Waterfalls 
Athirapally a perfect tour spot in Kerala 
throughout the year. Planning a trip to 
Athirapally won't be in 
vain for apart from the main waterfalls 
there are many attractions around.
thumboormuzhi waterfalls.jpgThumboormuzhi 
There is a construction of a weir at
 Thumboormuzhi across the Chalakudy 
river and diverting the water for Irrigation 
purpose. The stage I of the scheme 
comprising a weir at Thumboormuzhi 
across Chalakudy river and a part of the canal system
The Park of intrigue, is the crusade of 
one man, who intuitively seems to sense
the innate harmony in nature.The peaceful 
co-existence of many, some of which 
are sworn predators in nature are like 
obedient children here

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